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Altrincham Preparatory School
5.(a) The quality of governance
The quality of governance is excellent. All governors are highly committed to the
good of the pupils, the school and its continuing development. The governing body
strongly oversees the work of the school and helps secure the school’s aims which
support pupils’ personal and academic development.
The board benefits from the wide experience and professional backgrounds of its
members. It has a clearly defined structure, with highly effective and supportive sub-
committees. This enables it to operate efficiently in its oversight of the school.
Governors are particularly successful in keeping abreast of new legislation and in
securing the necessary financial resources for school development. The outcome of
this is effective educational provision and considerable ongoing investment in
general resources, staffing and school buildings. Governors are also appropriately
involved in the educational development of the school, giving support and stimulus
for growth. They have excellent oversight and awareness of both child protection
issues and their responsibilities regarding health and safety.
Effective communication between the headmaster and the governors ensures that
the governors have a particularly good insight into the working of the school.
Governors visit the school and regularly attend school events.
5.(b) The quality of leadership and management
Leadership and management are excellent, in line with the school’s aims to realise
the potential of each boy and to provide a secure, happy environment, so all can
learn within a disciplined framework that encourages each pupil to respond to the
best of his abilities. Structures are clear and comprehensive; management roles
have developed effectively since the last inspection.
Leadership and management are strong and effective across the whole range of
school activity, exercised always in a considerate and sensitive manner. Senior
managers provide a caring and clear vision which, coupled with the determination
and commitment that characterise it, has enabled the school to deliver a first-class
education for all its pupils, to enrich the life of each and every pupil, and to develop
talent, passion and commitment that will enable pupils to find confidence through
individual achievement and team success. There is a distinctive family ethos in the
school. All staff feel involved in the school and part of the school’s processes.
A clear school development plan sets out specific areas of educational
improvement. This clarity of vision benefits the whole community, and is reflected in
the good quality of education and the excellent personal development of the pupils.
Whilst best practice in teaching and learning is not yet fully shared, all staff are
involved in self-evaluation, and monitoring of teaching and learning is undertaken
with rigour.
Policies and procedures have been produced for all aspects of school life and they
are implemented successfully by staff. These give parents a clear understanding of
the school’s processes. Teaching and classroom support staff are deployed well
and make an excellent contribution to pupils’ learning and welfare, particularly for
those with LDD or EAL. High quality staff are appointed and staffing levels are
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