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To support our work on Growth and Plants, all of Year 1 visited Delamere Forest in May and

took part in lots of different activities. We used mirrors to look at the canopies, made a

potion out of tree bark, used our sense of touch to feel the bark and spent a few minutes

relaxing amongst the ferns and listening to the sounds of the forest. The weather was very

sunny and it was such a treat to be able to spend all day outdoors.

We journeyed back in time and joined Charles Darwin on his visit to the Galapagos

Islands. We imagined how it must have felt to travel on H.M.S Beagle for 5 years and

sleep in a hammock. We learnt all about some of the amazing animals Charles Darwin


As part of our work on the Christian Church, Year 1 had a very busy afternoon at St.

Mary's Church. We learnt about baptism, prayer, dressed up as choir boys and found out

how the organ is played. The boys also enjoyed climbing into the pulpit and admiring

the beautiful stained glass windows.