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Year 2


This has been a very busy term in Year Two, filled with lots of interesting

learning and supported by educational visits. The boys have been very en-

thusiastic throughout, showing their delight as they journey down their indi-

vidual learning paths. In science we have observed the life cycle of butter-

flies, hatching our own within our classes and then delighted in releasing

them on Bell Field. In History, we have retraced the fatal journey of the Ti-

tanic and went to the Maritime Museum in Liverpool to see the artefacts on

display and re-enact a story as if we were on that first and final journey! For

RE we have learnt about Christianity and Judaism and have had assem-

blies from Mrs Woods who works at St Mary’s, Bowdon and a visit to Bow-

don Synagogue. We have been looking at coastlines in Geography and we

rounded off our time in Year Two with a trip to Formby Sands, where great

fun was had by, staff, parents and boys! Finally, we squeezed in applying

for a Blue Peter badge (blue one) relating the activities to our geography

work. We should all be receiving our badges during the summer and will

wear them with pride.