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In Pre-School:

Well done to all the Pre-School boys who have received ‘Star of the Week’ this term! We are so

proud of the boys and their achievements this term in all areas of the EYFS.

Happy 4th Birthday to Harry Law.

In Reception:

MERIT BADGES: Well done to Haris, Joe, Billy, Peter, Alexander, Aidan B-M, Ted and Joseph (RMT)

Andrew, Oscar, Liam, Haroun, Aidan K, Ariyan, Thomas and Francisco (RH).

Also, Happy 5th Birthday to: Franklin, James S, Joseph, Joshua and Joel (RMT) and Ishan M, Jasper,

Thomas, Angus, Isaac and James H (RH).

We hope you all have a lovely Easter holiday and we look forward to a fabulous Summer Term…

Spring, New life and Lambs

Bell Field

Following Nursery and Pre-School, the

Reception boys had the chance to feed the 4 day old lambs. In

turns each boy held a milk bottle and watched how the hungry

lambs drank all the milk. They then were shown how baby lambs

dive out whilst being born.

After a wonderful discussion the boys were quick to find out

more and asked some great questions!

Did you know that baby lambs teeth begin to show as soon as

they are born!

After thinking about Spring and new life in our Science and R.E.

lessons the boys have really leant a lot

with this hands on encounter.

Thank you Farmer John from Sugar Brook Farm

for a fantastic experience!

Farmer John visited APS this term with

some special visitors... two little lambs! The

Nursery and Pre -School boys were so ex-

cited to see the lambs and had the

opportunity to touch and stoke them. All

the boys enjoyed learning new facts and

listened to Farmer John with great

attention. A lovely way to introduce new

life to the youngest of our EYFS boys.

Early Years


Pre School and Reception