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RE - Mosque visit

With the help of Zubair’s mum we visited Altrincham Mosque to enhance our understanding

of religious buildings as part of our RE curriculum. When we arrived we needed to remove

our shoes as a sign of respect and sat on the floor in the prayer hall. In there we learnt more

about Islam and how Muslim people pray. We also had a go at writing our names in Arabic

which proved harder than we thought, as our alphabets are not the same and Arabic goes in


opposite direction to what we are used to!

Stockport Air-Raid Shelters

Our visit to the Air-Raid Shelters was very exciting. We were dressed as evacuees and found out

what it would be like to have been sent to new billets, far away, for the duration of the war.

Gas masks on boys!

Dressed the part we

left home for the un-


We discovered that there were lots of jobs that we would be expected to do in our new homes.

We had to sort the recycling so

we can make do and mend.

Saaer has to mind the baby.

Ali and Will get busy in

the kitchen.

Oliver thought the

ironing was easy!


when the siren sounds....

It’s time to get in the