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Year 6

As detailed on the December Newsletter, 9 boys

were put through to the National Finals of the Primary Mathematics Chal-

lenge. 72,000 children were entered and only 33 received a gold medal.

Well done to all the boys for participating in this challenge and for doing

your best and to the following 3 boys for their great success!


—Sheen Bendon


Ted Graves and Rory Hobbs


To complete our Rainforest

Topic the boys worked in

groups of three or four to

make giant rainforest animals

from wicker. This was a great

team building activity and we

are looking forward to display-

ing the finished products

around the school grounds.

The Year 6 boys enjoyed learning the skills

of debating when doing this topic. Each

group took on a role of a group of people

who are effected, either positively or nega-

tively, by deforestation. The boys were pas-

sionate and articulate and worked well to-

gether on this.

Primary Mathematics Challenge

To understand which household products

come from the Rainforest, the boys had a

tasting session in school, before raiding their

cupboards at home to see just how much we

use in our daily lives comes from the Rainfor-

est. The boys tasted guava juice, pineapple,

coconut and mango.

Bikeability Week

During the last week of the Easter term, the boys took part

in Bikeability, all boys passed level 1 on the first day and

are now out on the roads!