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Year 5

Creative Writing

The Year 5 teachers are delighted with the progress that is being made in creative writing sessions. Recent

topics have included; Smugglers and Pirates, Warriors’ Tales, Frankenstein, Star Wars and Harry Potter.

Race to Freedom (Star Wars)

The roar of the engine was the only thing

he heard. Thoughts were racing through

Anakin’s mind. In the blink of an eye the

pods were off with the pilots in the cockpits.

Littered around the track were jagged rocks

blocking certain routes. The young boy

could smell oily fumes in the dense air.

Coming into view were Tuskan Raiders with

their guns poised at the ready.

Paired writing by Lucien and Jay

Smugglers’ Cove

As I shivered in excitement and

nervousness, I caught a glimpse of the

French ships creasing the rippling waters

with their oars. They soared like elegant

doves across the swaying sea current. There

was a crisp icy wind that enveloped me like

a blanket. Sternly, my father looked me in

the eye though he didn’t need to tell me the

time had come to prove myself, his stone

cold stare told me everything.

An exciting story beginning by William


Slowly, terribly the monster came alive. Its arms and

legs began to move and gingerly it sat up. The gory

creation I had made ripped off the thick black wires,

stood up and glared at me. I stumbled back a step in

fear at first but then in my emotions, I felt ecstatic for I

had created a monster of my own and I could feel his

feelings. The monster had black oil-like hair which gave

him a long fringe on the left side of his face. His skin

was like a rotten lemon and his red, hot steaming eyes

looked like a burning bonfire. He had massive, bulky

green fists that looked like they could destroy a hotel.

He lifted them up and brought them down with such

terrific force that they smashed the transparent glass on

the box containing the scientific plans. A huge electric

shock went through it WHIZZ! BANG! POP!. Sparks went

sizzling through the air as the electric mast collapsed

through the roof. Unaware of what was behind me, I

turned around and saw a giant hole in the wattle and

daub wall. All I could see was the coal black night sky

and people in the street running away from this horrible

monster as quickly as possible.

By Cameron

The Warrior’s Tale

A long time ago in China, there was a village

called Chong-Ling where our story takes place.

In this village lived a 17 year old boy called

Hong Chang who shared a house with his

mother and father. But...... this village was

haunted by a dragon. This dragon lived in the

craggy mountains that surrounded the village.

Once a week, he came down from his lair and

gobbled up all the food in Hong-Chang. Soon it

was all gone and food was scarce. There was

only one option and that was to send brave

warriors up to the mountains.

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