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APS Harvest Festival


St. Mary's Parish Church curate Myles Owen brought his fishing rod to Altrincham Preparatory School's annual harvest festival to demonstrate that it is still essential to help people to help themselves.

A packed main hall at the Marlborough Road site listened as Reverend Myles told the children of the ever reliable adage 'give a man a fish and he can feed his family for a day, give him a fishing rod and he can feed his family for life.”

The popular curate, who is often seen cycling around Bowdon, added: “It is so important for children to understand the importance of compassion for others and how best to help the needy both at home and internationally. The harvest festival allows us all to reinforce those most important messages to the youngest in our community.”

APS collected nearly a tonne of goods which were then sent on to the Wood Street in Manchester.

APS Deputy Head Lindsay McKenna said: “We have supported the Wood Street Mission for over two decades and believe their work is more important to the welfare of Manchester's most vulnerable citizens than ever before.”