APS School Uniform

APS School Uniform

Our School Uniform

School uniform details are available in the following PDF documents. The APS Society hold regular Second Hand Uniform Sales throughout the School year, and more details can be found on noticeboards or on the Events pages of this site.

APS Regulation items should be obtained from Monkhouse Schoolwear. Monkhouse will visit the school once every term in the Marlborough Road Hall, where parents and boys will have the opportunity to try sizes for all garments and purchase any items.

The Monkhouse main site is in Cheadle, SK8 5BE only 2 miles from John Lewis, and the range is also available to purchase online. The link for the online shop is:http://www.monkhouse.com/category/2028/Altrincham_Prep_Uniform

Non regulation items (such as shorts, polo shirts, anorak, pump bag etc) can easily be found in High Street Stores, or online.


Covid 19 and Shopping at Monkhouse

Monkhouse have issued guildlines for safe shopping, and this is available to download by clicking here.


Download Uniform List by Yeargroup

Uniform List for Nursery (PDF)

Uniform List for Pre School (PDF)

Uniform List for Reception (PDF)

Uniform List for Year 1 and Year 2 (PDF)

Uniform List for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 (PDF)