House and Responsibilities

House and Responsibilities

Houses and responsibilities

Every boy from Pre-School to Year 6 is part of a House team. APS has four Houses - Montgomery, Tedder, Alexander and Cunnigham, all named after great wartime leaders. 

We often use the house teams when grouping the boys for different activities and for sporting competitions. Boys are awarded House points for hard work, effort and manners. These are accumulated each half term, and the winning House announced in assembly. The House with the most points receives a reward. 

In Year 6 the boys can be elected as a House Captain or Vice Captain; these roles are ones of privilege, pride and responsibility. They are more than just a title and badge as they require dedication and commitment for an entire year. 

Each year the Headmaster selects a Head Boy and Deputy Head Boy.  These boys will exhibit the personal qualities that are valued at APS, including self-discipline, work attitude, leadership skills, communication skills, public speaking, politeness, helpfulness, respect and care for others.  They are reliable and responsible members of the School’s community. The Head Boy and Deputy Head Boy are expected to represent the school at events, and make public speeches.

Year 6 boys may also be selected to be one of our numerous Sports Captains or Vice Captains, Orchestra Leader, Head Chorister, IT Monitor, Librarian or Science Monitor. Each of these roles of responsibility involves the boys demonstrating the highest standards in behaviour and attitude and promoting the School in a positive way, to pupils and to the wider community.