The Pre-Prep School at Highbury

Year 1 and Year 2
The Pre-Prep School at Highbury

Welcome to Pre-Prep!

Throughout the Pre-Prep years the emphasis is placed on ensuring the happiness and well being of every pupil and nurturing their individual talents. With excellent adult to child ratios we are able to ensure each child receives the best possible support and encouragement. Our belief is that children need to be inspired. They need a learning environment where they see their school as a place of fun as well as instruction in order to fuel a passion for life-long learning. 

We create a stimulating and engaging learning environment where each child can thrive, develop and learn at the right pace for them. Through small class sizes, a broad and dynamic curriculum and high academic standards we seek to develop confidence, emotional resilience and intellectual curiosity in each and every child. 

We have the flexibility to deliver the curriculum in a way that allows children to experience a breadth of education that encompasses a creative curriculum. Our days are balanced with academic learning of key Maths and English lessons and creative practical work including Science, History, Geography.  We are also privileged to offer a thrilling array of specialist taught subjects including sport, music, computing, French, dance & drama, art & design and our recently introduced extremely popular Forest Schools. 

The chance to explore and experience such a feast of exciting opportunities, both within the classroom, in our school grounds and across all areas of school life from a young age helps children discover the talents and passions that define them, feel proud of their achievements and develop confidence in their abilities irrespective of aptitude or ability. 

Both pupils and parents enjoy a range of extra-curricular activities and highly anticipated events throughout the year. Termly trips, visiting speakers LAMDA lessons and after school clubs are favourites with the children, whilst family and friends enjoy regular plays, concerts, and annual Sports Days and Summer Fairs.

All of our teaching staff are positive leaders who are enthusiastic and energetic.  This radiates through to our boys creating a motivated, hardworking school. Whilst our attainment results are of paramount importance to us, we believe that a child’s emotional wellbeing runs concurrently with academic development. We enable the boys with tools to deal with stressful situations that will undoubtedly occur in their lives.  This is an area we feel is essential in today’s world.  

For a more in depth look into each area of the Pre-Prep, please click onto each Year Group.

We are delighted to welcome you and your children to our warm and nurturing school and look forward to you joining our community. 


Mrs Stewart

Assistant Head

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