Aims and Ethos

Aims and Ethos

Aims and Ethos

Altrincham Preparatory School is set in a quiet area of South Manchester. The school has always celebrated innovation alongside tradition and since being founded in 1936 it has evolved into the thriving school it now is, continuing its tradition of excellence in education. That small school, initially created by Masters of the Grammar School, is now renowned internationally as one of the foremost boys’ prep schools in the North of England.

Our ethos is based on core values shared by the staff daily as role models, through their teaching, and the boys’ wider school experiences. These shared values are the guiding principles in setting our aims and serve to remind our school community of our common purpose and goals. 

Our core values empower boys to achieve their potential and prepare them for life in the wider world.

At APS we understand that every boy can only receive one childhood education and we believe it is our responsibility to offer the best opportunities for each boy to thrive and achieve their full potential. At the heart of APS is a committed and dedicated team providing an excellent all-round education for our boys. Our boys are happy, confident and proud of their achievements.  We celebrate each boy as an individual and encourage them to be part of the wider school community.

With academic work and self-discipline at the centre of APS school life, we focus on providing a wide range of academic and extra-curricular learning experiences that enable boys to make excellent progress and be the best they can be.

We work hard to ensure that each APS boy transitions happily and successfully to the right senior school for him at the age of 11, with confidence, ambition and a sense of curiosity for all that may be learned and achieved in life.


Our Aims are:

To make each childhood at APS a positive and happy experience.
To nurture a sense of self-worth in each boy and respect them as individuals.
To foster character strengths that are essential for their own success and well-being.
To encourage a positive role in contributing to school life and the wider community beyond.
To enthuse children with a zest for learning and the desire to make the very most of themselves.
To develop a keen sense of personal responsibility towards our environment and the natural world.
To promote the intellectual, emotional, mental, social, economic and physical development of our boys.
To promote boys’ spiritual and moral development, encouraging a respect and understanding of different cultures and religions.

As a School, we challenge ourselves every day, to engage and challenge our boys and generate in them a sense of wonder in learning and pride in achievement. Our aims and values are woven onto the fabric of what we do.