A Sporting Legacy

Sport at APS

Unlike most other schools, APS is in the highly advantageous position of having two full-time specialist PE teachers, who teach all boys from Pre-School to Year 6 every week in lessons and also run the lunchtime and afterschool sports clubs and take boys to inter-school fixtures.  These specialist teachers are able to nurture the boys and ensure that they develop over the years whilst getting to know their individual needs. The boys similarly will know the teachers well enough to perform with confidence and free from inhibition.

All boys in Years 3-6 are given opportunities every week to represent the school in team sports such as football, rugby, hockey and cricket and inindividual sports, such as cross-country, athletics, swimming and tennis.  During lessons and clubs sessions boys are introduced to a wide variety of other sports such as golf, table tennis, basketball, badminton, dodge ball and even tenpin bowling with the same PE specialists assisting them in transferring skills from one sport to another.

Sport at APS is bound by a strong sense of participation, teamwork and enjoyment.  Every sport we play involves bringing someone else into the game and the boys are always taught to play competitively but more importantly with a good sense of fair play and sportsmanship.

Thie approach has led to tremendous success both locally and nationally where, over the years, APS has produced national independent cross-country and athletics champions. We have been British Schools' U11 yrs Tennis Runners-up, and most recently have become IAPS National U11 yrs Hockey Champions (2016) and I.S.F.A. National U11yrs Champions (2018)

In summary, sport helps in overall physical and mental development of students. Playing sport with each other develops an inbuilt sense of team spirit, leadership, self-esteem, self-confidence and camaraderie among the boys.