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Egyptian Pyramid at APS


Altrincham Preparatory School pupils made their own piece of history when they began the construction of an Egyptian pyramid.

138 pyramids were build between 2630BC and 300 AD, with 100,000 men and women working on the most complex projects for over 10 years, but APS pupils managed their task in just two days.

The project was arrnaged by Make Your Own History owner manager Charlie Lupton, a zoologist with nearly 30 years teaching at primary level, who said: “The aim is to give children a hands-on experience of building a piece of ‘living history’, using a range of ancient methods to solve problems as they work as a team.”

APS Headmaster Andrew Potts said: “This is the sort of challenge that boys thrive on, working out and testing solutions to complex problems while learning about history and engineering through practical, hands-on activities.”

When finished the pyramid had a 4.5m square base rising to a 3m pinnacle.

Pictured: Dylan  and Angus with Charlie Lupton from 'Make Your Own History'