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Year 2 Raise over £500 for BHF


The ancient art of skipping was enjoyed by health conscious Altrincham Preparatory School pupils on a day devoted to keeping fit for the British Heart Foundation.

Year 2 Boys raised over £500 with their sponsored skipathon, taking every opportunity during lunch and break times to part in the 'Jump Rope for Heart' campaign.

Thought to have been invented by the Ancient Greeks and taken to America by the 17th Century Dutch settlers, skipping was a popular exercise in Victorian times and promoted heavily between the wars by the Women's League of Health and Beauty.

To this day top Premiership footballers use the exercise to encourage both fitness and mobility, though the fun filled pastime seems to have vanished from playgrounds as today's children are distracted by a myriad of gadgets and media.

Altrincham Preparatory School's Director of Sport Nigel Birch said: “Skills such as skipping will help our footballers and rugby players with their coordination and stamina. We want our children to enjoy as many different forms of exercise as possible and skipping is a simple, cheap and fun exercise which you can do as a team or on on your own.

Pictured are APS young skippers Peter and James.