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3W Creative Writing

The Hypnotic Plant
On one summer’s day in Death Valley I was on holiday with my brother Zak. I was driving past when I saw a strange plant was growing at the side. “Gabe, Stop!” shouted Zak. I got out of the car and walked over slowly to the plant and took a closer look.
It had a stem that was really wonky that was brown and blue, with razor sharp stingers. It was purple and it had a lemon like head. The horns on the head were like devils horns, orange as a Satsuma. It had red blood round eyes like it was watching me! The worst thing it had arms like tentacles orange, blue and brown and it had some acid surrounding it. But from what?
When I tried to touch it the earth started to shake. Then a huge head popped out next a huge dragoncyb came out from the head of the plant. Suddenly the dragoncyb grabbed me with his sharp  claws by the waist and Zak and me screamed “HELP!” screamed Zak in a girlish voice. “HELP!” I shouted.
But the dragoncyb just flew and flew until he spotted a cave with his Vulcan eyes and flew down and threw me down and I went unconscious. When I woke up the US Troopers were fighting the beast. I was on a stretcher and I was carried to a chopper. I was flown to a nearby hospital. I had broken my arm and my neck!

by Gabe 3W

The Strange Plant
One day I was walking on a path next to a pond on a fine, summer’s day and saw a mysterious plant sprouting out of the ground.
It had red, evil spikes, a fierce face, two bright orange tongues, a green and blue stripy slim body with red and orange spikes coming out of it’s body.  It was growing bigger by the minute!!  It had four pale blue legs too.
I wanted to run, but I couldn’t.  I wanted to watch what would happen next.  I asked my daddy to see what he thought of it and he said it looked terrifying.  He called 999 and the police came immediately.
They chopped the plant down and it looked a disgrace!!  It was never seen again ........or was it?

by Cameron 3W

3W Creative Writing
3W Creative Writing