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Autumn Term Rugby by Tom, Rugby Captain

Rugby matches this term at APS have been sparse as, due to poor weather conditions, half of our matches were cancelled. However we got off to a good start right at the beginning of term with a tournament at Sedbergh. Despite the atrocious weather, little practice, and playing against schools who play a lot more rugby than us, we surprised ourselves by winning the plate. We celebrated in the mud!!

Our second game, only last week, was against Merchant Taylors – one of the top rugby schools in the North West. We knew we were in for a hard battle for top spot. Unfortunately this time luck was not on our side and we were well beaten! We learnt a lot from the experience!

Tom Y6

We wish Tom every success as he and his family move to New Zealand and hope to see him in an All Blacks shirt in 10 years time!

Autumn Term Rugby by Tom, Rugby Captain