APS Scrapbook

Informal Pictures from Around APS


Bugler, and ex-Royal New Zealand Air Force musician, Chris Clark held a question and answer session with the boys in Year 6.
Q. How long were you in the air force?
A. I was in the Royal New Zealand Air Force for three years.
Q. What has been the most memorable experience of being a bugler?
A. I have played at many important events, all around the world. But I think the most memorable was playing for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge when they toured New Zealand recently.
Q. What is your medal for?
A. I received my medal for service to my country.
Q. Is it a good job?
A. It is a very good job, but it is hard. I have to stand still for hours, often in the rain and cold, then play with thousands of people watching me.
Q. Do you get nervous?
A. Sometimes, but being well prepared calms my nerves. I practise for up to three hours a day!