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EYFS Assembly

Every Tuesday afternoon the Pre-School and Reception boys gather together with Mr Potts, our Head Master, Mrs Makepeace-Taylor (Assistant Head EYFS) and their Teachers, for an Early Years' assembly.

We follow a two year cycle of Traditional Tales and Philosophy, so that the boys experience different stories and discussions during their time in the Early Years Foundation Stage. The boys also take part in Class and Year Group assemblies throughout the week. 

At the start of the year, during assembly time, we also introduce the concept of "Stop. Think. Make a good choice!"; this encourages the boys to think independently and to start taking responsibility for their own actions. In the second photograph, you can see the boys putting their thumbs up - making good choices!

Encourage your son to make good choices at home. Asking, "Is that a good choice?" can prompt a discussion which will lead to a greater understanding on their part, about their actions. Similarly, praise your son when he makes "a good choice", so that he can feel proud that he is able to make good decisions independently. 

(Please see Mrs Makepeace-Taylor for further information)

EYFS Assembly
EYFS Assembly