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Stockport Maths Challenge success!

By William, Year 5

Finally the day had come, Thursday 23 June, to represent our school at Maths in the Stockport Maths Challenge. Two teams of four shared late team tactics before we set off on a short journey to Stockport Grammar School, excited and nervous.

The organiser explained there were 18 teams from 12 local schools and 3 challenging tests to push our maths and teamwork skills to the limit. Simple......for an APS boy!

The first test was a 10 question paper including a variety of word problems and logical thinking questions; we were given 30 minutes to complete it. We felt that we were confident in this area although our score remained undisclosed. The second test required independent working though if one of us went wrong, we all went wrong! We sat in a line and answered a question, the answer helped the next person to work out their sum and so on until we finished. We did six of these then stopped. APS was still in a very strong position. The third test was mania!

For this challenge we had to move places so that we were in pairs, making sure that we knew our strengths and weaknesses. The fist pair got given a question to answer, when they did they gave the answer to someone to check. If it was wrong, they were sent back, however if it was right they got given the other pair's question. Then they had to run dodging people  and tables, to the other pair and so on. This test lasted for half an hour but APS weren't as confident with this one. It was a nail bitingly close call....!

A few minutes later a whistle was blown and a quite hoarse voice yelled out the amazing results " APS 1st and 2nd"!!. We were gobsmacked and very proud of ourselves, especially when we showed the trophy and our medals to everyone!

Stockport Maths Challenge success!