Year 5

Mr Tagg and Miss Sanderson
Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Year 5 offers enjoyment and considerable challenge, inside and outside of the classroom. It’s an important year where we focus on developing well-rounded and confident boys, ready to take on the challenges of the life ahead. 

As the curriculum challenges increase in Year 5, boys respond with both curiosity and industry in equal measure. Year 5 offers further opportunities for Sport and Music, with boys regularly representing the school in a wide variety of athletic and musical events, both in school and with our extensive extra-curricular program. 

As mathematicians, boys in Year 5 are taught to use existing arithmetic skills to solve complex, multi-step problems across a wide variety of topics. Understanding of topics such as algebraic equations, statistics, probability, 3D shape and logic puzzles, and many others, are developed alongside regular rehearsal of mental and written arithmetic strategies. 

During English lessons, boys explore a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. Analysing different focus texts helps the boys to develop their comprehension skills with an increased emphasis on making inferences and considering specific reasons for authors’ choices. Spelling, punctuation and grammar are taught discreetly, and are explored in context through our focus texts. Boys write creatively across a wide range of genres, and they review and edit their work with increased independence. Reading for pleasure is important and widely promoted, and we enjoy reading a variety of novels together as a class throughout the year. Class discussions and debate are a regular part of lessons, providing opportunities to share and discuss individual thoughts and ideas, as well as develop speaking and listening skills. 

In the second half of Year 5, there is an increased focus on secondary school entrance requirements and our curriculum is adapted to meet the needs of all the boys and their secondary school aspirations. 

During Year 5, there is further specialisation of teaching in the wider curriculum. Art, Music, French, PE and Science continue to be taught by our specialist teachers. 

To extend the learning beyond the classroom, Year 5 boys enjoy many excursions including the Titanic Museum in Liverpool, Jodrell Bank, and to the theatre. In the summer term, our 3-night residential trip to the Lake District provides boys with an outstanding opportunity to excel in outdoor pursuits such as ghyll scrambling, canoeing, rock climbing, coracle building, abseiling and many more activities, as well as developing their sense of adventure, independence and team building skills.

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